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Ever since learning what positive reinforcement training was really about at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers conference in November, 1998, I have been enthusiatic, to say the least! My training partner Susan Greenholt and I have now created our own lesson plans and homework sheets for our obedience school - all based on what we have learned there and since.

Because trainers who use these "new" methods are not available everywhere, I have created this Web site. These lessons are not intended as a substitute for an actual training class where you can get individual attention and advice from an instructor, as well as the benefits of group training for your dog. But, for those who cannot find a positive trainer in their area, perhaps these lessons will help.

Many, many thanks to the wonderful trainers who have taught me so much - they are the ones who deserve the credit for the information here. I encourage everyone interested in these methods to get their books, videos and tapes and to see them in person at a seminar if at all possible! Patricia McConnell, Leslie Nelson, Jean Donaldson, Sheila Booth, Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Gary Wilkes, Donna Duford, Pat Miller - these folks are great! You can order a few of their excellent books from the resources page. Doing so will help support this site and keep these lessons free.

If you are new to clicker training, I strongly suggest that you read the What is Clicker Training? and Basic Info pages before going to the lessons.

If you are an experienced trainer who is interested in clicker training, then please check out my page on Questions for Crossover Trainers.

Problem behaviors, such as puppy biting & jumping up are covered on the Troubleshooting pages.

~ Mary Woodward

Mary Woodward & Susan Greenholt
Greenwood Dog Training School
Wilmington, DE
    using positive methods to teach people how to teach their pets!

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